IP Camera

We are living in an age of modern technology and applications. Almost all the modern day technological wonders have been integrated with other technological tools. For example check mobile phones and cameras, printer and scanner, TV and internet and several such wonderful amalgamations. Home security is no longer exception to this fast emerging rule.

There are several components of home security system. A security system is a universe in itself. One of the crucial components of this universe is security cameras. They play a major role in securing us from unwanted intruders and other unfortunate incidents. The increasing trend of merging appliances, as mentioned above has also reached to security cameras. It has become common to see little cameras connected
to a vast camera network spanning across an entire complex or building. One can see so many of these little cameras at all the major places. These small cameras gather images from everywhere and transfer them to one single place.

IP security cameras are also known as network IP security camera. In layman’s terms, it can be defined as a web camera. It functions as a surveillance camera apart from connecting to the vast computer network of the organization. The purpose of connecting is to provide real time feed of everything that is taking place in the complex.

IP cameras are not a common tool in small households but in bigger business houses or commercial complex they are an essential feature. They are also used in offices, retail stores, malls, traffic control and depots etc. Options are truly unlimited in case of IP cameras because of their wonderful use.

These cameras have their own IP addresses. That helps in central command identifying each one of these cameras. To control them, normally a personal computer is used that takes care of their movements and determined areas etc.