Intent-Driven Networking

NGTechnology ‘s Intent-Driven Network (IDN) leverages a simplified, ultra-broadband network infrastructure to achieve not only wider access but also simpler management. A digital twin is used to build a digital world, enabling technologies such as AI, big data, and cloud to be applied in the network field, creating “autonomous driving” networks.

In 2019, NGTechnology clearly outlined intelligent IP networks, defining three core capabilities: intelligent connectivity, intelligent Operations and Maintenance (O&M), and intelligent learning. Intelligent connectivity is implemented through intelligent awareness of terminal service experience, real-time analysis, and automated deployment. Intelligent O&M is made possible with real-time issue perception, precise issue locating, and automatic issue fixing. Intelligent learning is realized through service models, fault models, and intelligent training.

NGTechnology also released an innovative three-layer AI architecture for intelligent IP networks: an AI-powered device layer, an AI-powered network layer, and an AI-powered cloud. The AI-powered device layer builds on NGTechnology ‘s AI Turbo series of network devices embedded with AI chips, including AirEngine Wi-Fi 6, CloudEngine switches, NetEngine routers, and HiSecEngine security gateways. The AI-powered network layer is realized through iMaster NCE ( NGTechnology i’s autonomous driving network management and control system). The AI-powered cloud comes with iMaster NAIE (the industry’s first network AI center). The three-layer AI architecture delivers new levels of intelligence in IP networks and leads the new era of intelligent IP networks.

NGTechnology provides enterprises with solutions tailored specifically to scenarios such as campus, data center, WAN, branch interconnection, and network security, helping them move toward a fully connected, intelligent world.

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